Congratulations on Your TEC Awards Nomination

On behalf of all of us at NAMM and the TEC Awards, we salute your dedication to innovation and advancing the pro audio and sound production industry. If you have any questions on how to maximize the value of your nomination, please contact Eric Geer.

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NAMM and the TEC Awards will share nominee news with media throughout the coming months via press releases and through social media channels. Please consider the following opportunities designed to help you maximize your nomination.

Promote to Your Audience

The TEC Awards encourages Nominees to promote to their professional audience, including retailers, installers, integrators and other professionals.

• Download and personalize the media release template when announcing this news to your media network and associates. If possible, hyperlink access to a hi-resolution photo that best represents your product or category.

• Consider including a NAMM TEC Awards YouTube sizzle reel on your product/project page and/or one of the logos below

• Share your nomination news post across company social media channels leading up to the ceremony. Media regularly follow these channels for news announced at the show.

Social Media
Twitter:  @nammshow
Instagram: @thenammshow

Official Hashtags

NAMM TEC Awards Suggested Social Media Copy:
[Product/Project Name] has been nominated for the [name of award] #TECAward in the [Technical/Creative] Achievement category!
Next stop: the 36th Annual NAMM #TECAwards at #BelieveinMusic Week!

[Product/Project Name] is nominated for a #TECAward @thenammshow
See [Product Name] at the 36th #TECAwards @thenammshow

• Submit your nomination news to industry and trade media who cover the music instrument / technologies industry including. Also, contact your local business journals and daily newspapers near company headquarters. A media list can be obtained by emailing

• Include “NAMM TEC Awards Nominee” language in your company/product’s boilerplate language.

• Ask media who report about your products and projects on a regular basis to contact for a reserved media seat at the event.

Creative Assets

Creative assets including a streaming banner for your website's media/homepage section, email banners, social media tiles for your promotions, and logos are available:

Download and post a ‘2021 NAMM TEC Awards NOMINEE’ logo to your website and email signature. The TEC Nominee logo is supplied in various file formats labeled accordingly. Please do not stretch or alter the logo in any way. To ensure logo integrity, do not display with a deterioration of quality, such as pixelation or blurriness. In order to guarantee the logo is appropriately displayed with an adequate level of detail, please follow the guidelines below:

Print: 300 dpi, 100%, CMYK
Web: 72 dpi, 100%, RGB


Submit Your Nominee Materials

If you haven’t already done so, please submit an image of your nominated product and additional details to help us promote your honor.