Housed in a compact, 4-rackspace chassis, the TASCAM DA-88 digital 8-track deck can record 108 minutes of digital audio on a standard Hi-8mm videotape. Unlike the process of synching two or more analog recorders, DA-88s did not require the use of audio tracks or expensive external synchronizers for multi-machine lockup; a single cable could provide sample-accurate synch.

One advantage of the modular design was that users could start out with an 8-track unit and add more DA88s to expand the system to 16-, 24- or more tracks. That modular digital multitrack approach allowed up to 16 of these $4,499 machines to be interlocked, providing up to 128 tracks (in 8-track increments) of recording capability.

Eventually, by the turn of the (20th) century, DAWs such as Pro Tools, fueled by computers with powerful processors, ample RAM and low-cost disk storage — spelled the demise of the digital tape revolution.

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DA-88 Recorder